A Critical Path Gives You The Power To Realize Your Goals


Entry Level to Advanced Technical Training to ensure you are covered end to end.

End To End

No matter what your needs are we provide training solutions Entry, Advanced & Custom training options

Business Skills

Providing Business Skills to ensure you and your Business are achieving Your Goals!

Make Your Team Stand Out

Customer Service, Leadership, Management- Give your team the skills that they need to be successful

Sales and Service

Training to ensure a Best In Class experience for your customers.

Build Something To Last

Separate yourself from the competition by bringing value to your team, and your customers!

What Clients Say

“Tom was one the best teacher’s I have ever had .He loves to pass on the knowledge that he has and you can tell that he really cares about what he does I really appreciate that you have taken the time to teach us . Any time I had a question I could call and someone was there or would call me right back . I feel that not only have I gained a teacher but a support center that will always be there to help me in my endeavors in the world of information technology. Thank You”
George R., State of Ohio
“Adam was my instructor for two PMP certification training classes. He had a great understanding of the subject matter and how to apply each item to real life. Any questions I had, he was able to talk me through them and provide real experiences that I could relate to. I will always be grateful for all of the help and support that he gave me. It helped me achieve a long time career and personal goal.”!
JoEllen S., State of Ohio
“I liked working with my instructor. He always managed to present the subject matter in a way that was easy to comprehend. I don’t think anyone in class ever asked him a question that he could not explain.A Critical Path worked with me through the registration process until I passed the PMP exam. I could not have made it withoutyour help!”
Tim M., Nationwide Insurance
“Our class was very informative with a real world approach. As we covered the class material,our trainer helped us to understand how it is applied in our work environments through his vast experience and background with examples that were relative and recent.Our trainer also took what he learned of the students and used that knowledge in examples, which reinforced the lessons with applicable examples.”
Brian F., Boeing Aerospace

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